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    If you will not consent to visit Eva first and insist on visiting the church tomorrow we should all go together. We needn't lose any more brave heroes as we have already today. Nodding to Myrrdin I will, for one, accompany you to the church. Though I do insist we meet with Madama Eva with all swiftness.

    With a slight bow, Very well, do as you wish. I wish your cousin a peaceful rest. I will speak with you presently.

    As I walk away, I fiddle with my armour a little and with a quick flick of the wrist, the whole set of armour falls off and slumps to the ground. I pick it up and rest it beside one of the buildings. I then proceed to climb onto one of the more accessible nearby buildings, using the barricades to boost me up. I then begin looking around for any threats and a better place to scout.
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