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Thread: My Little Pony LIV:E Long and Pony!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlasTech View Post
    That might be true up until you hit the 1:21 mark of that video.

    Personally, I think he's only beating up on the guy because his collection does not have best pony in it, and he totally deserves it.
    I know, it's so hard to find Luna blind bags.

    On that note, I think that Batman's favorite pony would probably be Twilight Sparkle--influential, smart, and looks really cool in a black, skintight costume.

    Alternate Hunchback casting:

    Clopin: Pinkie Pie
    Quasimodo: Twilight Sparkle
    Frollo: Celestia
    Esmeralda: Luna
    Phoebus: Gosh dang, he's hard to cast. Rainbow Dash? Extra irony for Clopin attempting to kill both Quasi and Phoebus.. (Cupcakes, anyone?)
    Victor, Hugo, and Laverne: the Cutie Mark Crusaders

    We still have incest between Celestia and Luna, but I don't know how that can be easily avoided.
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