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    Default Re: Base Class Challenge Chat Thread III: Gotta 'Brew 'Em All!

    Quote Originally Posted by Silva Stormrage View Post
    Soul Harvest: It doesn't check wether creatures have class levels or not so not sure why a being having or not having class levels would matter It gives the Spirit Points based on the Shade Channeler's class level thus a 4th level Shade Channeler gains 2 spirit points per each death to a maximum of 4 in one round. I will however, add a clause preventing the Shade Channeler from killing bags of rats to for this.
    Ah, mistook it to be based on the creatures hd. Your method does need some balance point.

    Quote Originally Posted by Silva Stormrage View Post
    Corpse Crafter: The feat doesn't have prerequisites so it didn't make a difference.
    Cool: don't have the book with that feat, so I wasn't sure.

    Efficient Control: "He" is supposed to be the Shade Channeler. Assume a 6th level Shade Channeler attempts to rebuke a ghoul (2 HD 2 Turn Resistance). The Shade Channeler can treat the ghoul as having 1 less HD (Thus 1 HD 2 Turn Resistance or 2 HD 1 Turn Resistance) and would thus command the ghoul. Also the ghoul would only take up 3 HD in the Shade Channeler's Command Undead Pool instead of the normal 4. If someone else attempted to turn or rebuke the ghoul it would still be treated as if it has 4 HD. Does that make it clearer?
    I know this. I'm saying that your statement has run afoul of Unclear Antecedents. Specifically, the 'he can treat his' segment, because the word he and the word his should both refer back to the same individual.

    Horde Empowerment: Hm, I don't honestly see a problem with switching the amount of undead he can control. I should clarify that if he has more undead under his control then his pool allows he loses the excess undead. Its mainly there to help someone who wants to specialize in skeletons and zombies or commanded undead.
    The main issue is it can lead to a bit of optimization, essentially trading all rebuke HD when you know you won't be seeing many undead to inflate your other pool, plus the power of certain kinds of skeletons/zombies.

    Aspect of Death: Hm, I would normally argue that the ac bonus doesn't matter that much as its a common type. But since I need to weaken the class anyway and it is just a boost I will weaken it. The fort save one will probably stay though, as at 18th level (I will clarify thats when you get the ability) the Shade Channeler will more than likely be undead (And thus lose his constitution modifier).
    Means you need to spend less on items to boost your Deflection AC.

    Transfer Target: Perfect version of dispel magic not sure what you mean by that. It only works on targeted spells (not rays and the like).
    The way I read it, you could, say, use this ability on someone's Dominate spell after it had been cast, negating the spell with no roll. If you tried to end that spell with Dispel Magic, there'd be a caster level roll. This also allows you to strip buff spells with no resistance.

    Dread Army: Zombies stop being effective around this level. Also this doesn't really work on any humanoid creature or a creature with class level. I don't think summoning a temporary stone giant zombie is worth a 7th level spell. As summon monster VII can create a bone creature that can cast wall of ice, dimensional anchor, fly, major image all at will. I did notice that they become better with destructive retribution so I am capping the amount of zombies out at once and nerfing the duration.
    What if you're fighting giants or Dragons? Or anything else that's mainly racial hit dice?

    This is too good. Period.

    Improved Spirit Capacity: This should be fine now. Its nothing more than a scaling extra slot feat. (20 Spirit Points = 1 9th level spell and 1 1st at 20)
    You do know that a scaling extra slot feat is perhaps one of the most powerful things you could give a caster? What's worse, this is an arcane caster who isn't limited by a certain number of spells per day of a given level. At level 20, it'd be easy for a Shade Channeler to cast 22 9th level spells. Psionics gets away with this because it's balanced around the system, but this is Arcane casting: these spells aren't.

    Pawn Shield should be fine lasting only 1 round. Undead can soak up a LOT of damage so I don't want to make it last for too long. Its also a move action so the Shade Channeler can do other things that round. I will work on something for touch attacks though. I forgot about them.
    Keep is simple: just have all attacks be redirected towards the pawn. If they're touch, then the attack is against the pawn's touch ac. If they're not, then it's not.

    Disabling Strike: I was supposed to change that. Its supposed to be (10+Bab+Shade Channeler's Charisma Modifier). I think I might change that to 1/2 the Shade channeler's HD too.
    Crippling Strike: Is supposed to be a commander tactic. I think its fine for a single strike every 5 rounds.
    Lowering the DC on the save is good.

    In that case, the speed loss should still be lowered, time wise: have it be on a 5 round timer, if you must, but one minute is a bit much. The Dex thing is problematic as well: how long does it last(currently it lasts forever), and what kind of reduction is it?

    Even then, I think it may very well be a bit much, even at only once/5 rounds.

    Swarming Assualt/Volley: Assuming 5 undead attack a subject. First one gets +0, Second gets +1, Third gets +2, Fourth gets +3, Fifth gets +4. I know it seems weird when looking at it in Real Time but isn't that how it normally happens in D&D combat?
    Not necessarily, which is why there's a problem.

    Eternal Undead I figured was fine since it only applies to zombies and skeletons and most of the time they will not even be useful within the same encounter. I am going to add a clause that killing them with good aligned or holy weapons will permanently destroy them though.
    I think you underestimate Skeletons and Zombies, at least assuming they're not baseline humaniod ones.

    Mage Slaying: Ya I agree. Do you have any good idea for another mage slaying boon? I couldn't think of anything else. Will remove this one till I get a better idea.
    More stuff equivalent to ones from the Mage Slayer line of feats?
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