[Xar'Cha Palace]

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Endrik shakes his head. "I think you have missed my point. I..." he cut off abruptly, looking over at Sszy. The drow had touched his arm. Why? Then, the matron appeared, and he understood. Or thought he did, at least. Sinking to one knee, the paladin showed his respect. Bowing in full armour was inadvisable. He waited to stand until Sszy had as well.

"Apologies. What I meant to say is that it still sounds too easy. You stand up to thugs, and for that you are granted..." He made a gesture with his hand to encompass his entire knowledge of Exaltations, which isn't a great deal. "Nothing is learned from that."
Shrike turns, bowing respectfully to the Matron as she arrives. The pomp and splendour getting an odd look from the Exalt; part appreciation, part...not.

Once the ceremonial entrance is over, she looks back to the paladin. "That was certainly an entrance, was it not?"

And at Endrik's comment, her eyebrow raises.
"...'learned'? Learning from it is not the purpose. The purpose originally was to empower heroes and warriors to battle the creators of Creation and the gods themselves; to, quite literally, kill the unkillable. Becoming Lawgivers later was simply an extension of that. Doing great deeds brings the potential for more great deeds; it does not bring, or require, any great revelation or knowledge."