Monitoring our progress? Passes confiscated when we go to the mainland? Hmm, something about that seems strange. What are they trying to hide from the mainland?

'No, you will be fine handling the pokedex data. While I do admire Rowan's research on evolution, I'd need to verify his findings for myself. As for Birch and Elm, well, they are amateurs compared to you. No disrespect to them, it's just you and Rowan are the top of the top.'

She turns the egg over in her hand. 'Umm, Razel was it? You know more about this thing than I do' Leena knew her faults and limitations well. Too bad she didn't know how crazy she was. 'Could you examine this for me? I'm thinking I'll disappear for a bit, see what I can dig up on these islands.'

Leena goes off to the nearest laptop or library to research the islands they were allowed to visit.

Leena uses Did the Homework on the islands they are allowed to visit.