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I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused. Are you saying that doing damage to more than one creature at a time is not a controller aspect? I am not used to non strikers, to be honest.

Also, the idea is purely theoretical, so the Evermeet or Warlord are not necessary.

I LOVE your idea on the Iron Soul Monk with the Tactical Warpriest PP GREAT idea. I think it would be nice to add a way to get a better MBA to use with the Monk as well, unless I am unaware that they have a nice one already.

How nice do you think it would be to PMC Paladin for Lay on Hands as a Leaderish thing?
Area attacks should not be criteria for Controller play, no. What matters for that is the effects of the powers; warlocks are a prime example, lots of debuffs and status effects, but less damage than other Strikers.

And I said avenger with Tactical Warpriest, Iron Soul needs Guardian theme. Avengers can get an MBA easy with Power of Skill, or, of course, a half-elf can filch a power that functions as one from another class. Monks have Internalize the Basic Kata, but that only works with unarmed strike; our Iron Soul monk should grab a pair of Babau Gauntlets ASAP to get a Dex-based MBA. Those fill the hands slot, so you're not missing out on anything Important.

As for Lay on Hands, not worth it! Strikers don't have the healing surges to spare for that, better to have everyone multiclass a Leader so they can pick up a daily heal (MC warlord gets to cheat, check out the Fight On feat in MP2!), and of course your Tactical Warpriest avenger is going to be MC'ing cleric anyway, why not pick up a shot of Healing Word in the process?

Also, if you make a Cha-primary blackguard somehow (tieflings, humans and half-elves can do this, they'll be ignoring the native at-wills) you can poach the paladin's more Leader-y powers. Not to mention you'd have a better at-will attack than you would otherwise.