Razel takes the egg in his hand, thanking the Chef as he gets it. "Oh, I know not to cook a pokemon egg. Unless I make one of my supreme omelets again, then I cannot make any promises, heh." Razel tells his old teacher, while turning the egg over in his hands, easily noting the texture, color, and size of the egg. Well...from the texture and size, it would have to be from the Nidoran family, and the color shows that it is the male pokemon of the species. Razel thinks to himself, still looking over the egg to make sure there were no cracks in it.

When he hears his name called out suddenly, Razel starts and turns toward Leena. "Ah, sure. This should not be too hard, I hope." Razel answers to her request, putting his own egg in the case and in his bag before gently holding her egg, looking it over as she leaves.