[A[nother] Park]

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"It really is. You can almost forget that you are in the city. I'm glad you were able to come with me."

Angie smiles and takes Sharon's arm again and keeps walking down the path.
"So am I," Sharon says, smiling happily as she goes with Angie down the path. A couple of turduckens bobbing on a pond nearby.


[Sitar's Strings]

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Clarissa's aura of psychopathic evil switches to one of lust without fair warning! With a quick spell, her tails are cloaked and invisible to the naked human eye! She spies Becky within the minute, her eyes being, naturally, drawn to Becky given their special relationship. With a brisk bounce in her step, Clarissa attempts to kick, shove, and jostle her way to Becky, blazing a trail through an elderly couple, a little kid with a balloon, a distracted mother, a teenage punk with more than enough piercings to make his kryptonite standard refrigerator magnets everywhere, and a decrepit geriatric man with her fists and her Mighty Foot.

"I'm sooo happy to confirm you made it, lover. I thought I might've lost you in the portal for a second there."

Clarissa attempts to hug Becky warmly and hungrily kiss her on the side of her neck.

"Okay, so I was thinking we maunder into the restaurant pretending we're two friends gadding about Inside reviewing eateries for a credible, celebrated column of a local newspaper. We'll chat up the staff and improvise until, at some point, we commence sloppy make-outs and you divest me of my costume. I've a scantier costume underneath this one that will be more to your liking, I'm certain."

With that, Clarissa stops repressing her unique mix of heavenly and demonic beauty. The very act of looking at her becomes highly addictive. To touch her would be an experience well-worth dying for, and that is not an uncommon or unreasonable price to pay for such euphoria. Her voice is a siren's song! Every inch of her body is perfect. She's sublime. People within a three-foot radius of her feel the burdens of life lift from their shoulders. They feel at peace and re-energized, ready to take on the world and all of its injustice! They would be thralls to her as electrons are slaves to positive charges as if she desired them to be. She is exerting some control over their minds through the sweet-scented pheromones she's engaged, but not much. Perhaps Becky is immune to the pheromones to some extent, as Clarissa loves Becky not as a puppet but as a person and might have taken steps to ensure that she isn't intoxicated by them. But perhaps she'll be extraordinarily susceptible to them! I dunno!

The time for demonic/heavenly proliferation is upon us!

"Stigma smashing. How exactly are we to do this, Becky? What's your plan?"

Becky sighs in delight as Clarissa's aura takes hold. She might be somewhat resistiant, given her time spent around the Mask Temple, but she certainly has what few inhibitions she had stripped away!

"I can't wait to see the costrume...and plan? Well your plan sounds as wonderful as any, Clarissa dear," the barely-clad shadowmancer purrs, nibbling at her companion/friend/lover's neck!