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[Xar'Cha Palace - With Magtok]

"You could say that I'm in the business of transportation of goods, among other things." Samona says pleasantly. The way she speaks suggests there's certainly more to it than simply moving goods from one place to the other, however. "Maggy here has been a great asset to my operations."
Magtok gives only the slightest bow imaginable, and for only the briefest of moments, before immediately turning back to the matter at hand. Initially, his ego dictates that he just stand and ignore the Matron, but then he notes that there's plenty of people doing exactly that, and the token resistance would just go ignored in favor of smacking someone with darker skin that his own and nobody would even pay him any attention for doing the same. It'd be such a waste to bother with that nonsense.

"Mhm. There wouldn't be a MagMart in Riverside if not for Ms. Mase."

As for Samona's 'business of transportation of goods', that's quite a funny way of saying 'illegal smuggling', isn't it? If Magtok weren't already used to describing it exactly the same way, he might've found it vaguely amusing. Probably not the sort of work a customs-running individual would be too fond of, huh?