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The idea is in 5E skills boosts wouldn't be so common as to not worry about it. Skill Focus feat is fine, and this would encourage taking it. My Pathfinder Sorcerer took Skill Focus Spellcraft because Pathfinder increased its value by using it to identify magic items even with Detect Magic and for crafting items, for which I want to craft metamagic rods.
Since you mentioned spending XP, casting speed, and getting a rank in Spellcraft, I thought you were still comparing 2e and 3e casting drawbacks and talking about making 3e work more like 2e. If you were talking about porting 3e spell acquisition to 5e, then skill check inflation shouldn't be nearly as bad, though I'm skeptical that they'll really manage to rein in bonus inflation based on the difference between their initial bounded complexity pitch and what we've seen in the playtest.