[Sitar's Strings]

'S a shame that Clarissa is afraid of cranking romance up to the next level with Becky and Dave. She's killed people with divine curtains on purpose or when she's been careless on multiple occasions so she moderates romance with lovers she wants to live (more or less).

Becky would have so much more fun with Clarissa if Clarissa didn't care for her or her company as much as she does!

"I'm supposed to save this for the show, but here's something for you in advance."

Clarissa whispers into Becky's ear, attempting to reciprocate Becky's affections in full by kissing Becky once more and attempting to trace little circles on the other side of Becky's neck.

She'll attempt to break off from the romantic displays seconds later, strolling up to the door of the Sitar's Strings and attempting to hold it open for Becky to pass through. Because seeing Becky strut through the door will make holding the door totally worth it.