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Aaaaaarrrgh!!! Getheroffgetheroffgerheroff!!!!

*substitute with War Droid*

Frag, I'm glad I made that spell.

Wouldn't surprise me...

I take it some of you aren't familiar with this

little "gem", as seen in Batman: Fortunate Son (and popularised by Atop the Forth Wall?)

When taking that level of hilarious innanity into account, Batman having animosity towards bronies seems almost plausible...!
I wasn't familiar with that, no. Unfortunately I now am.
Also not Batman. And genuinely terrible.

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Spike: A dragon or Salamander
I mean he doesn't have wings, but all the dragons have wings. I mean Salamander (Mythic version) can breathe fire, fireproof and doesn't have wings.
If he's a dragon, Spike could be like Worf, who is considered as a good guy in the evil race.
How does this explain best dragon, Crackle?
Spike is a Dragon, not a salamander. He's a landbound dragon, that's all. There are clearly many different types.