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Okay, so I have been invited to be a judge and/or participate in a fanfiction contest to support the "Hearth's Warming Care Package". I'm more than willing to be a judge, but do you think I should enter? And should I create something new with one of the ideas I have sitting around, or should I dust off the Fluttershy Mindscape idea that I have half finished?

Contest info here:
Sorry to repost so soon, but I was kinda wondering if anyone had an opinion on this. The deadline is a little under two weeks and I'm not sure if I can do something that fast, and if so, which idea to go with. I have the Fluttershy Mindscape story more or less plotted out, but it has a tad more serious tone than my usual work. Or I can go with another one of my ideas. Perhaps a work vs. play AJ/Pinkie story based on the Grasshopper and the Ants, or perhaps a Dash/Pinkie story in which Dash can't let it go when Pinkie consistently beats her at a game Dash's good at.