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Sorry to repost so soon, but I was kinda wondering if anyone had an opinion on this. The deadline is a little under two weeks and I'm not sure if I can do something that fast, and if so, which idea to go with. I have the Fluttershy Mindscape story more or less plotted out, but it has a tad more serious tone than my usual work. Or I can go with another one of my ideas. Perhaps a work vs. play AJ/Pinkie story based on the Grasshopper and the Ants, or perhaps a Dash/Pinkie story in which Dash can't let it go when Pinkie consistently beats her at a game Dash's good at.

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Don't participate. Rushing to get done by the deadline will only cause unnecessary suffering. Be a Judge instead. Pick one of the two ideas and begin writing it for yourself, rather than the competition.
If you feel the urge to disagree with this advice, then there you go. You had your answer all along. ;)
I'm going to respectfully disagree with Tiki. Or rather, agree with his white text. Participate, pick the quicker of the two ideas and push yourself to get it done unless you're really worried about other things in your life right now. You'll likely end up with a good piece of work, one that maybe you didn't even think you could get done in that time-frame, and will be free to edit it further if you like it.