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    Sitar's Strings then I said to him, "you can have this treasure over my dead body" which was pretty funny because I was, like, cut right in two at the time, right? So anyways, I totally kicked his butt and he got all grumpy about it, but orcs, amiright?

    The NPC she is talking to was trying to enjoy a salad. They glance around the room, trying to spot somebody to come to their aid.

    Good gods, somebody intervene before she starts telling her "bear story".

    Oooh! That is a good one. So, I'm walking through the woods one day when I see this big shaggy something down by the river. And I think to myself, how much shag does something have to have before you can call it shaggy? So I walk right down there and.....

    The NPC faceplants into their Ceasar salad, all hope of rescue lost.
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