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    I missed the youtube link, and didn't make the connection with Brian Blessed. Personally I'm not sure it would benefit your story if you were to write fiction about an actual existing real person, even one as unreal as Brian Blessed, but I'm sure many will disagree with me.

    One more question - if he were to take up his original name (as you say in your first post), wouldn't he be named Brân fab Llŷr (Brân son of Llŷr), or just Brân (Vran/Uran)? The "blessed" bit was a later addition and even then he was called Bendigeituran (in Middle Welsh, in Modern Welsh it would be Brân Fendigeid or Bendigeidfrân). Also, even though they look similar, Brian (high, noble) and Brân (raven) are and were two completely different names with different meanings.
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