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    ((Fair call. The problem is she's telling the same story a different way.

    Anyway, possible squick alert because Verossa's not shy when she gets mad.))

    Verossa blows her breath out through her teeth.""Folly?"" We won. And maybe if you ask around you'll hear some stories of what I did afterwards, and with how many, and in which positions, and in what order.

    "You leave your flank gaping open like a whore's--Like a wide-open thing and then just tell me "Oh, it's OK. They can take it." I don't know what to say about that.

    "Anyway, the obvious thing to do is go around them, but I distrust the obvious thing. Something will go wrong. I can smell it.

    "The daring thing to do would be to drive a wedge between the two central camps, where their co-ordination will be weakest. But it seems we don't have the resources to risk that.

    "The best thing to do would be to isolate one of the end camps--probably the northern, as it's the most convenient from our lines--and hit it as hard as we can. Either annihilate it or make them think that's our intention, then you pull back before their other groups arrive while we make our dash west. Possibly combine this a diversionary attack on the southern camp. But again, it depends on our available powers, numbers and resources.

    "So, you going to keep patronising your superior officer, or are you going to tell her what precisely we have available to work with?"