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Xar'Cha Palace

Hardly something to be held against her.

Only half joking. She had gotten them into the palace and Irzayle would be disappointed if her usefulness wore out so quickly.

And then the entrance.

As the lights drop and the faerie fire erupts, for a moment, just an instant, their black mask glints with six points of light. They watch the proceedings with interest, smiling as the women slays the dragon.

When the time comes to bow, they do so. They keep an eye on Aly'ithra and if she fails to follow suit will gently tug at the front of her shirt as an indication to do so. Better to show her a slight disrespect if it helps maintain her overall value in the eyes of the Matron than risk putting more obstacles in her way.
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Xar'Cha Palace

Ilpholin is far more forward than Irzayle on the subject.
In the flash it takes for the faerie fire to sprout up, Ilpholin has shifted from in front of Aly'ithra to beside her at a speed which could be considered startling. It's overlapped, however by Ilpholin whispering in her ear. "Follow my lead and whatever you do, do not speak unless spoken to."

When the time comes to bow, Ilpholin will go to put her hand on Aly'ithra's back and press forward and down gently before removing it as Ilpholin goes into her own bow. She hates it, but she'll play this game for tonight. When the time is right, they'll all be bowing to her. Today she relents.

[Xar'Cha Palace]

Ilpholin's urgently whispered words made Aly'ithra uneasy. The feeling passes, though as the watches the show that preceded the entrance of the Matron. The dancers were good, but the slaying of the dragon made her, somewhat understandably, uncomfortable. She will bow with the rest, needing no encouragement. Though Aly'ithra was not raised in Menzoberranzan, she wasn't a complete social idiot. She knew how to show respect when the occasion called for it. Especially since this was her Aunt, right?

The other members of House Xar'Cha bow as well. Sornnolu, perhaps a touch too low, but a male must be careful not to offend. Sszinyon, however, resented having to bow to his sister, though he did as expected. When Endrik began to drop to one knee, the drow would reach out to stop him. Bowing was one thing, but he was not about to allow his companion to kneel! The very idea of it made Sszinyon angry. He tried to hide it, but those who knew him would see it plain enough.