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That's certainly...special. There's the age difference too...Yeah, I think I'll stick to the other yuri option from now on, even if it is quite hard to get, it seems.
I think you have just enough skill points to make all the necessary checks throughout the game to reach it (well, at least with my suboptimal mood management). It really doesn't leave a lot; maybe ~10 classes of extra with perfect moods.

Quick catalogue, you need to either 80 Sense Magic or survive Bandits (Reflexes+Archery or Battlefield Medicine+Composure) & Chocolate (Courtly Manners, Production+Trade, Dogs or Divination), then need Novan History or Lore to go with Brione, then Herbs, Running & Horses or Dance? to save her, then Cipher for the letter, Internal Affairs, Conversation & whatever skills used to beat the final fight. And I'm pretty sure there's some important earlier check I'm not remembering.