Irzayle is relieved to see Aly'ithra bow properly. As soon as the chatter starts up again around them, they edge closer to Aly'ithra.

The Matron is visiting. Her blessing and acceptance would be valuable, but hard to obtain. And temporary. Once she has gone, her influence will be mostly by proxy.

They scan the room, looking for other likely candidates. They spot Sszinyon and frown. No chance in nine hells. They continue on, trying to spot a Xar'cha who is low enough to be approachable by high enough to be worth their time. It is difficult. Irzayle has been out of touch too long from Menzo and not in Delmah long enough to have caught up entirely. Looks like they will have to stick with Ilpholin until the situation becomes clearer.

Quite the performance.

Spoken to both of them equally.