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"We always welcome visitors to our colony," Goldbaka says. "Drow fashion has appeared among some of the richer citizens of the Underside Colony, but it's a slowly spreading trend."
Xar'Cha Palace

Elvanriina's face momentarily scrunches up in disgust, although whether it's at the thought of goblins wearing drow fashion or at stuffy drow fashions themselves, no one could tell. She's about to respond when the Matron Xar'Cha's mystical entrance begins to take place and she whirls around from Boss Flatnose to watch the dragon being slain with cruel glints of glee in her eyes. She would normally be mad about being upstaged so thoroughly like that, but it was both Danube's right as the hostess of the party to do so and a remarkable treat to see such a spectacle. When Danube herself is finally introduced, Elvanriina curtseys quite low indeed, bending at the hips just past the point that would indicate the respect of a peer, showing the depth of her respect for the other Matron that wasn't present in her talk with Inala.