[Xar'Cha Palace - With Magtok]
Inala smiles politely.
"Really? That's fascinating. I do something quite sim-"
Her remarks are cut off by the arrival of the matron. She of course, bows fully, not being an idiot and wanting to insult the mother of the host. But then she sees where her son is, and her heart leaps into her throat. If the Matron would put on that big of a show just arriving, the gods only knew what she would want Asim to do if she spied him. She says a silent prayer for her son's safety.
[Xar'Cha Palace - near the Dias]
Asim, for his part, started edging away from the dias after the show ended. It was rather impressive, no doubt about that. However, that meant the Matron who was responsible for it was probably not someone you wanted to mess with. When it came time to bow, he tried to hide his face, hoping she wouldn't take a shine to him, like that little matron did to that poor kid.