Slamming his fists against the table, the Dwarf jumps to his feet, what can be seen of his cheeks and forehead starting to turn red.
"Yes it was folly! We were under manned and going against a vastly more prepared force in a far better position! And if yea think I care about yea sleeping ya way into rank yea can think again lass, because I don't!
As for the 'alflings, 'ave you seen how they set up defenses? 'ave you been there when 3 out o' 5 of tha enemy fall before even getting into combat? Believe me, they're in a better position than US!"

Stomping around the table till he's standing right in front of Verossa, glaring up at her, "And if yea think I'm sendin' tha few men I 'ave left here out in a foolish hope that their lives will buy yea across tha lines, yea can think again as well. How yea lot get past those camps is up to yea, I'll 'ave no part init. MY orders are to keep this line held, and hold it I will"