Kadaith carefully sized up the scene before him. This was a scene he had never thought he would see in his lifetime. What power! But no matter, he shall overcome! This promised to be a glorious fight!

As his new companions dispersed around him, Kadaith quietly took a few steps back, tensing and relaxing his muscles. At a distance he judged to be suitable, he exploded forward, dashing towards the edge of the precipice, straining his body to the utmost and launching himself into the air. For a moment, the world stopped to watch as the huge man soared through the air, filling the room with his roar and brandishing an obsidian sword wreathed in fire and frost.

Move back just past the doorway, then Run forward and make a long jump with a running start. There should be a bonus for height and stupidity combined.
Athletics - (1d20+16)[27]