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    Default Re: Thanqol Learns 2 Draw: Every Step Is The First

    Day 506-509: Deprivation

    Day 506: Blink Dog
    6:15pm Oh darn, forums went into backup right after I hit 'submit reply'. Guess I'll wait and post it later.

    9pm: Huh, 'several hours of backup'? Guess I'll stay up.

    2am: I HAVE WAITED TOO DAMN LONG ALREADY! I'll just post it tomorrow.

    Lessons learned: Directional shading, fading and implied lines, a fascinating experience


    Day 507: Bodak

    This is really fun! Learned some cool applications of direactional brushing and shading. Must continue to examine. Now that that's done, and the forum is still down, I guess I'll play some New Vegas...


    Day 508: Damn you, New Vegas!

    Ahhhh it's 11:30pm and I've been playing video games all day, quickly sketch some Mirror Man!


    Day 509: Bugbear

    BLOCKING! Big squares within which details are included. Was so spot on I wonder why I've let this habit slip.

    Good gracious not being able to update this thread annoyed me.

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