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Thread: My Little Pony LIV:E Long and Pony!

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    So what did you all do while the forum was down for a couple days?
    I went joyriding--

    Quote Originally Posted by t209 View Post
    Spike: A dragon or Salamander
    I mean he doesn't have wings, but all the dragons have wings. I mean Salamander (Mythic version) can breathe fire, fireproof and doesn't have wings.
    If he's a dragon, Spike could be like Worf, who is considered as a good guy in the evil race.
    And just like Worf, completely ineffective against others of his kind.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pendulous View Post
    Long, long comic, but a pretty cool start to an anime-ish high school setting for FiM
    Saw that earlier and it is AWESOME! I do like the little detail additions on Celestia.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Mirrsen View Post
    Am I the only finding it slightly ironic that, after the name of the previous thread, when a ponythread emergency did occur we had no reserve ponythreads stashed anywhere?
    Speak for yourself, I had plenty of Ponythreading with some friends building NPCs for today's D&D game. Two encounters with ponies and a "Mecha-Spike"
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