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    Mai couldn't deny that she'd been a bit nonplussed at Ewin's rebuffing of her pointed questions earlier, but given what they were all bearing witness to now it hardly seemed relevant. She marvelled in horrified amazement, resisting the urge to stare too closely into the abyss before her, but likewise resisting the urge to plow forward, ceding the high ground like the rest of her companions. (Though she did at least register and mentally file away who Dak's allegiance apparently was owed could she not after a spectacle like that?)

    "Asmodeus?! Asmodeus!" she yelled twice, as though not quite believing what she'd heard. "My arse. Right about now is when my Mistress would suggest running away to fight another day. I'd suggest you lot do the same, but, well, screw this. Every woman for herself."

    And with that, she conjured a wall of stone between her and the room of horrors.


    Move action to shift forward 1 square. Sorry, I'm on my phone at the moment and not able to edit the map.

    Free action to Bluff her escape using Suggestion: (1d20+19)[26]

    Minor action to use Refocus to swap out Mass Resistance for Illusory Wall.

    Standard action to use Illusory Wall (DM said it's fine) across where she's standing, 20 feet across by 10 feet deep by 20 feet high. Anyone interacting with the wall is entitled to an Int vs. Will attack to disbelieve the illusion.

    Don't worry, I gots me a plan. Let the fun begin!

    Also, hurrah for the forums being back up again!
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