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Wasn't really on board with the Duv hate until now. She's just really stupid and immature.
Wait, so her enslaving everything, feeding the slaves to monsters, attempting to murder a traveler just passing though, and planning to conquer the world is a-ok, but actually taking advantage in combat against a distracted foe is bad?

Honestly, Fox was dumb. Duv wasn't going to change her stripes because of a friendship speech. Yeah attacking Fox was underhanded, but this is from the girl that just made a speech 3 pages ago about how goblins are destructive. She acted destructive. Also ruthless, bloodthirsty, and even intelligent in the circumstance, so yeah, pretty much exactly as she has been acting the entire time she's been in the comic.

In any case. On the new strip.
Huh, Dies cutting off his own hand is pretty cool, and reminds me of this. So props all around.

As to Biscuit vs Grem, well, at least the orc is going down like a badass. Also it may just be because of what's happening with Dies, but the angle of Biscuit's eyes makes it look like he's about to cut his leg off.