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    The rescue mission of Leeroy's body goes fine.

    Adolamin and Ryan
    The bartender looks around at all of the bodies in his tavern, "My tavern is packed and I am not making a profit off of it for the first time," he laughs a bit, "Ah, we all need a little humor in these dark times. Anyways, I need to keep these people fed so I would direct questions to Ismark unless they are things that only I could answer, such as what small bit of floor is not yet occupied at night."

    "Thank you for coming with me tomorrow, I fear that my companions will not last long, if they have lasted until now," whispering into your ear, Ashlyn says,
    "Choose your path wisely for there are many forces of good still at work here and should you stray or betray them, they will hunt you with a vengeance. I know that temptation guides you as much as redemption does but let good flow through you so that all will know that you aided, not destroyed, the world."

    "Hello Myrrdin, may the light guide your steps. The only place that might contain what you seek would be Castle Ravenloft. However, the townsfolk seem terrified of it and when my companions and I went to see it, I must say a feeling of dread washed over us as well. If she is as wise as the townsfolk claim, perhaps Madame Eva knows were you could find what you are looking for. As for druids, the only ones in the area have gone insane. We tried to contact the elves in the woods but they attacked us with a group of wolves when we entered there territory." At the mention of the priest, she pauses and looks into the distance troubled, "Keep a close eye on him, but I do not believes he means you or the land harm. A difficult choice approaches for him and it is one he must make on his own." As you offer her your waterskin, she pulls a pouch off her belt, pulls a sprinkle of a silverish dust, and whispers a few indecipherable words as she releases it into the water. "That should do. I will see if I can acquire a pair of the gemstones for you by tomorrow. Would it be too much to ask what your mission is? Perhaps the Lightbringer's may be of service."

    As fog falls over the square, Ashlyn brings those who would leave the tavern to the center of the town, where beside the well is a large pyre. She is dressed not in the armor of war but in the robes of a priest. Once everyone has gathered, two large men carry a limp form, dressed in a red tunic, decorated with several silver tassels, from the tavern to the pyre and place Leeroy Jenkins gently ontop of the wood. "As we gather here today, we mourn the loss of a friend and family member. Yet we also celebrate the life of Leeroy Jenkins, who died a hero fighting the undead incursion." Ashlyn continues on for a few minutes before asking Myrrdin to come up and speak of his dead cousin. Once Myrrdin is finished, Ashlyn begins the rights of death. Half an hour latter, she takes a torch and lights the pyre from three sides, leaving the side closest to Myrrdin unlit. "And so passes Leeroy Jenkins, Hero of Barovia, cousin of Myrrdin, and friend to all."

    As she finishes speaking, the sun has fallen from the sky and the only light is from the burning fire.

    You have access to the thing I spoilered to Peter(Revan)

    Please do finish the conversations I cut off with the funeral, just thought it was important to get that post out. Let me know when everything you want to do before night is done and once everyone is done, I will progress the story.
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