Night 6

Let's do the Time Warp, agaaaain!!

It's just a jump to the left.

And then a step to the ri-i-i-ght.

With your hands on your hips.

You bring your knees in tight. But it's the pelvic thruuust that really drives you insa-a-a-ane.

Rocky Horror Llama threw his left hoof up and struck a pose. He was dressed as one of the party guests, with a big bright pink wig. Let's do the Time Warp, again!!! he sang out. Then, with a big fake smile on his face, looked around.

The smile was quickly replaced with a frown. Everyone was frozen in place, Uh, hello? He broke character, waving one hoof in front of Hazy Fjord's face. Nothing. Not even a blink.

Rocky Horror then looked out to the audience, fearful of their reaction. But the fear was not necessary. They too were frozen, some in mid-clomp. But instead of recoiling in fear, Rocky Horror smiled. Alright, alright. You got me. He looked off stage. So where is it? Where's my cake?

Nothing. He then stomped one hoof down. Oka-ay. Jokes over, guys. I get it. I don't know how you convinced the whole aud...i...ence..... As he looked back to the audience, they looked different. He looked harder at them, they were... fading away?

Rocky Horror stepped back in, well, horror. His audience, his wonderful, beautiful audience, was disappearing. He looked around him. They all were, Riff Raff, Magenta, everyone was disappearing from his world.

NOOOO!!! He ran to the back stage, looking desperately. There she was, Columbia, frozen as she was putting on her last dance shoe. He ran up to her, trying to nudge her awake, but just passed through.

He stood there a moment, himself frozen standing halfway through the mare of his dreams. And then.....

He woke up. His heart was racing fast, threatening to burst from his chest. And then....

He leapt out of his bed, and raced to Columbia's room. It was clear to him now. *Pound Pound Pound* Columbia, Columbia! he shouted. He waited for a moment, and was about to knock again, louder, when he heard the hoof-falls of Columbia coming to the door.

She swung open the door, looking like a zombie-pony, half-asleep still. What is...

But before she could finish, Rocky Horror kissed her, and soon they were embrassing one another. I love you, Columbia. he said, finally releasing her from his embrace.

Oh Rocky! Coulmbia said, but she didn't hug him back. Her eyes fell away from his, as she looked sheepishly away. Another set of hooves could be heard coming from her room.

A half-dressed Frank-N-Furter leaned against the wall, smirking at the two. Hello, Rocky. he said seductively.

Rocky Horror's jaw dropped, his legs felt wobbly, his mind raced, and he finally collapsed.

Columbia turned to Frank-N-Furter, Get out!! she yelled, tears falling down her face. And then she wrapped her arms around Rocky's fainted form.

Frank-N-Furter just shrugged and left. He'd gotten what he wanted, or so he thought. Rocky would come crawling back to him now.

Rocky Horror Llama (Atreyu the Masked Llama) has passed out. It'll take him days to recover. He was a Town Pony Llama.

Day 7 Begins.
It will last about 72 hours, barring any complications with the forum. .

Missed 1 Day
Diego Havoc
52.5 Lemons

Missed 2 Days

AL- Replacements

Player list
{table=head]#|Player|Character|Killed? |Role
03|Castaras|Old Fruit||
05|Diego Havoc|Elixir||
06|Elemental|Ember Metal, Count von Sterling||
07|Eternis|Dorian Grey||
09|52.5 Lemons|Sub-Lime||
10|Grue Bait|Grue Bay||
11|inky13112|Sour Bloom||
12|Istari|Dr. Whooves||
14|Penguinator|Orange Cadence||
15|planswalker|Yellow Pants (literally)||
16|Reinholdt Matthais2207|||
17|Super Dark33|Dark Spark||
18|TBFProgrammer|(a stubborn mule)||
20|Tom the Mime|Barrister Trotalot, PC||
21|usourselves&we|(a 3 legged pony)||
13|Atreyu, the Masked Llama|Rocky Horror Llama|Night 6|Town Pony Llama
12|GnomeGninjas|Gninja Ninja|Day 6|Queen Chrysalis (Alpha)
11|Forum Explorer|Thinking Cap|Night 5|Town Pony
10|Gray Mage|Rainy Charge|Day 5|Shining Armor
09|Rogue Nine Internet Flea|Silver Star|Night 4|Town Pony
08|Mangosta71|Dread Pony Roberts|Day 4|Town Pony
07|Ramsus|Emperor Treasure|Night 3|Pinkie Pie (Fool)
06|Matthias2207|Warpony Tarquin|Day 3- AL**|{Replaced by Reinholdt}
05|Internet Flea|Sugar Shock|Day 3- VA*|{Replaced by Rogue Nine}
04|Grimmace, the|Jazzberry Jam|Day 3|Darkwing Pony (Devil)
03|Otakuryoga|Ballast Control|Night 2|Rainbow Dash (Wonderbolts)
02|Reinholdt|Mister Buttons|Night 1|Town Pony
01|Rogue Nine|Grumpy Bear|Day 1|Town Pony Bear
* Voluntary Absence
**Auto Lynch