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"Indeed, you are correct. Pleased to make yours, as well," the matron responds, almost half-heartedly. She opens her mouth to say something, but is caught off guard when two bizarre creatures appear seemingly from nowhere. As other guests take care of the situation, her thoughts shift from survival and treachery to smug satisfaction. "Family, I presume?" she says with a smirk.

She looks on as the fanfare plays and the lightshow begins, enjoying the play. She immediately drops into a low bow with the Herald, however. Though she may not give all sons of Xar'Cha utmost respect, tradition and survival instincts dictate she show as much respect as she can stomach for the most powerful Matron in the city.
[Xar'Cha Palace]

"Indeed. My dear Aunt in fact." Izzy says. "I have to say, she sure knows how to make an entrance. All the better to leave an impression on the surfacers. The shield was a nice touch." The drow redirects his full attention to his conversation partner after that display."