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    Hmm... you have some good reasons to avoid the matter
    I would never discourage anyone from using an interesting idea. I just think that it helps to recognize the internal contradictions and silliness and either resolve them or use them. Real life is full of daftness and unresolved complexities, conflicts, contradiction and compromises. Properly woven into your work they can give you a richer and more authentic feel, plus plot hooks.

    #1. I would never put the power of undead in the hands of some mortal shmuck, only using the hierarchy of Spawn-making undead, with me having total control, but even then, it's risky. (what with having them be free-willed if any of them are destroyed)
    That could work. Particularly if this society arose in the aftermath of (and in response to) an undead plague. "The dead have arisen; shares sore. Never underestimate the value of mortal shmucks however, particularly ones with a vested interest in the status quo.

    Of course, if I'm doing this in the name of some Death-based deity, that takes care of civilian unrest in #2. I once heard of a deity that focused on using Undead to get cheap labor and whatnot, so I guess that that could be it, but there would still be the threat of "crusading Paladins" trying to rid the world of my army.
    Which would make a great foundation for a theocracy. It would also resolve the respect/desecration dilemma if reanimation is a fundamental part of funerary practices. If ones status in the afterlife is dependent on the value of ones service in unlife then people would actually compete for the best positions for their "post mortem employment".

    And finally, #3 might be the most difficult problem to sort out. There could be people that simply live there, in a Utopian society, as mentioned above, who don't have to work, but then there wouldn't be that much of a reason for me to have them live there (besides being able to cultivate more bodies, however).
    a) People are little better than livestock
    b) They import the living and the dead from other countries through raiding, tribute, trade or immigration (because who wouldn't want to live in utopia?).
    c)Play on the whole Luddite conflict thing.

    Finally a bit of mental Judo for your perusal...

    4) Necromancy is forbidden because the gods say so...

    However if the gods are themselves evil (or thought of as evil in the necro-Lenninist cannon) then surely necromancy must be good... musant it?

    5) If undead violates the natural order of things then that makes them wrong? If the moral purpose purpose of the natural order of things is perceived as either nonexistent or inherently harmful (RE to cause suffering) then anything that violates this is either irreverent or very very good indeed.
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