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    (Talking to Ashlyn)
    What is it about this Castle Ravenloft that makes the place so intimidating?
    Merciful light...The local druids have gone insane? What do you mean? When did this happen? I wish I could be as confident about Riven as you are. Have you ever been to Minrathous, the Tevinter capital? There, they have a saying: 'greet the man who comes to kill you as your own brother, for he is the most honest man you will meet today'. If we do not deal with him, he could very well be the doom of us all.

    I beg you to delay your journey to the church until we have met Madame Eva. We can not afford to lose anymore people. If you insist on heading there as soon as you can, I will accompany you.

    As for this zombie menace.. when did they start attacking? Did anything unusual happen in the town before they attacked? Are there people still trapped outside the barricade in the town?

    "I have been comissioned to come to Barovia to find a book. I was told the book was written by a Strahd. I was told that Strahd was a man who fell to darkness, and that this book contains his inner thoughts as he was changing. This book may offer insight into how good people can fall into darkness. The people who asked me to find it believe that such insights can be used to counsel people, to guide them away from darkness and back into the light"

    (OOC: not lying just not telling the full truth, the book could perhaps by used to perfect the ritual, but its a secondary objective)


    During the funeral I activated Nimbus of light

    Will the Circle try to contact me via Sending? If so I will try to stay awake until the appropriate meeting time. About half an hour before the fog begins to form, I will wake up, wildshape into an eagle and try to fly as high above Barovia and the surrounding country as possible, in order to see if the fog is coming from a specific place/make any other observations I can about the fog. I will then try to return to the town undetected

    When Myrddin is standing over Leroy's body, he clears his throat and begins to speak:

    In this vast world where men can wield power rivaling the gods themselves, Leeroy was exceptional. It was not prowess of arms, nor strength of will, nor feats of epic magic that made him unique. It was his smile, his kindness, the complete peace and fulfillment he found in his interaction with everyone he met that made him special. That was the man who greeted me when I found out about my distant relation to the Jenkins family. I only had the privilege of knowing them for a few short years, but the years that I knew them were the happiest in my life. They were generous people, who welcomed me with open arms and hearts. Such people deserve to be honored. The bards tell far too many stories of the men and women who brave exotic lands and slay fearsome monsters. Such tales of cunning and boldness are fundamentally lacking. In my mind, the man worthy of legend is the one who is friends with his neighbor, who improves the life of everyone whom they cross paths with. These are the people who should be honored, these are the people who build the foundations of tomorrow's world, and these are the people we should all aspire to be.

    (A harsh, bright light begins emanating from Myrddin's skin, standing out in stark contrast agianst the dark night and encroaching fog)

    I know that many of you are afraid that in these coming dark days Barovia will fall. I promise you all, the dawn is coming. The forces for good are as numerous and vast as the forces of darkness. In all of your hearts rests a courage that will make the very heavens tremble at your presence. Working together, every man, women, and child, we WILL save Barovia

    Our time is up friends, lets do this, lets do it in the memory of this man, this legend. May his name be forever remembered as a rallying cry for those who face incredible odds.

    (Myrddin lights the body with his torch, and then turns to stare up at the sky)

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