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Thread: [4e FR] The Five of the Realm - IC

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    The Cultist yells again, "YOU WILL KNOW HIS WRATH, THROUGH ME!! YOUR COMPANION WAS SMART, FOR NONE SHALL ESCAPE WITH THEIR LIVES!!! With that, the High Cultist runs forward behind the devil, and seems to look straight at Arya. He seems to get a cold feeling all over his body, and he seems to stiffen up, making it hard to move. The leader then raises his arms above him, spear in hand, and opens his mouth. Fire shoots forth from it, engulfing him in flames. When the flames dissipate, the High Cultist is gone.

    Move - L17
    Minor - (1d20+17)[15](32) vs Fort on Arya
    Damage - (1d6+15)[1](16) and is slowed (save ends)
    Minor -turn invisible
    Next up, Mai, Arya, Kadaith. Go in whichever order you wish.
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