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So you're saying that to avoid the problem of one person having all the power you'll keep all the power to yourself?

I mean, you may know that you won't abuse it, but other people won't.
No; I believe that when I said that, I was referring to the fact that I didn't want nearly everyone who is capable of doing so to rule a different sect of my army.

It's hard to "juggle," but it is possible to have your living followers do just that. However, it's difficulty would mainly come from the view of the Necromancers who control them, possibly thinking that they are entitled to more power and might run off and start their own thing.

So I suppose that I could have the Necromancers swearing their allegiance be Nobles in this city, and have it work out. I might have to re-read The Prince to see what information I can find on the subject...