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I have a friend that wants to play a character that is similar to Aang from the show avatar(basically an elementalist).

Im not entirely sure how to go about doing this, we have a really high point buy so MADness isn't really an issue, but we are starting out at level 5.

I thought about making a sorcerer and just picking spells that are similar to that sort of idea, but im not sure what spells to get. Im not all that familiar with making spellcasters so i can't really imagine off the top of my head what he would have.
Does he want to focus on a specific element, or does he want to be able to control all 4 like the Avatar could in the show?

If he wants to focus on a single element, I'd suggest sorcerer or wizard and then going into the Elemental savant prestige class from Complete Arcane. Their whole schtick is about focusing on a certain element. For spells just look for ones with the right elemental subtype (i.e. [fire] or [air]). He can get creative too. For example a lot of force spells could be flavored as wind. And other things, like Airbenders being able to run really fast can be mimicked by something like haste or expeditious retreat. And fly would be a must of course.

If he wants to be able to control multiple elements, it gets a bit trickier. Your best bet there might be to just go sorcerer or wizard and take various elemental spells.

Or you could to Jade Phoenix Mage. That would give him martial arts (swordsage maneuvers), as well as fire-themed desert wind stuff, and your sorc/wizard spells would pick up the rest of the elements.