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    Quote Originally Posted by Earl of Purple View Post
    Xar'Cha Palace

    "Other Harnel?" Terrowin hasn't heard of another Harnel. And his player forgot about the other Harnel's existence. "Near as we can tell, it wasn't a religious attack. We have several Temples that are open to the public, and therefore frequented by parishioners, yet the Hermitage is not only a place designed for quiet contemplation away from the cares of the world, and therefore hidden, it's also the training centre for the Order of the Centipede and therefore has some of the best defences. The Order was away when the attack occurred; training exercises, I believe." Which is code for 'slaving'.
    Xar'Cha Palace

    Hidden for more than one reason she believed. "Yes, there was a being that created some form of doppelganger to my husband. He looks exactly the same. But I'm sure there are other red half-dragons within the nexus that have more reason to attack your hermitage." It felt wrong to put the blame on the other Harnel, even rejecting him had been quite hard even if she knew he just wasn't the same. "In any case, whose the lucky one here with you tonight?" She hadn't seen anyone but she assumed Terrowin had some (female) company.
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