So in a new campaign I'm thinking of running the players will be living in a world where magic does everything & people just sort of live boring blissful lives. Constructs form the basis of the army & combat is something people do as a hobby. Mages are people of exalted standing & are treated as royalty (even though the most common of citizen is treated to most any whim they can think of mages rank higher) Apart from a few spell component garden-farms that people or constructs work as a way of not being bored, there is little to no idea of currency.

So this magical paradise gets annihilated. (plot happens)

The players & refuges then must live in a wilderness that hasn't seen "civilized" man for a millennia or so.

Long story short, the players will not be in a world that
1) Truly understands trade & barter
2) Has access to a standard of currency

I don't doubt that I can find ways to reward them & such but I was wondering if there was a guideline or something for rewarding characters without giving GP