Man, Biscut must have taken about 12 ranks in badass while being tortured. His leg is rotting, currently at about mid thigh, and he is taking arrow after arrow and he doesnt care, there might as well be an explosion behind him for how he just keeps on walking.

I think there is still room for saves to survive. Duv seemed to be a bit poleaxed there at the end, she may toss saves a small potion to stabalize her and let her go.

As for Dies, I see this happening a few ways. One, he cuts off the arm and wins. Two, he cuts off the arm and it stays alive, only now its pissed. Three, the arm sees what dies is about to do and retreats, for the problem to be delayed until a later date.

Possible grim option, it kills dies, (horribly) and uses his carcass as a mold for him to move around with. We get an official name for green and angry (minihulk perhaps?) as the story continues.