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Thread: They All Uprose (Dark Heresy OOC)

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    Name: Gabriel Cortez | Player: Thanatos 51-50
    Homeworld: Gunmetal City (Great Tarsus Chantries Background)| Career Path: Cleric | Rank: Priest
    Divination: "A Wise Man Learns from the Deaths of Others"
    Gender: Male
    Hair Colour: Black | Eye Colour: Grey | Identifiers: Abdominal Scarring
    Height: 5'11"| Weight: 131 lb| Age: 24
    EXP SPENT: 1750 |UNSPENT: 300

    Skills/Characteristics: (Let Bolded Skills Mean "Trained", * mean Advance Taken, and † Mean "Usually"). All advanced Skills listed are, by necessity, Trained

    {table]Basic Skill|Mastery|Basic Target|Characteristic|Score|Advanced Skill|Mastery|Advanced Target
    Awareness|-|35|WS|33|Speak Language (Low Gothic)|-|-
    Barter|-|47|BS|27|Speak Language (High Gothic)|-|-
    Carouse|-|11.5|S|30|Speak Language (Gunmetallican Hive Dialect)|-|-
    Charm|-|47|T|23|Common Lore (Imperial Creed)|-|46
    Climb|-|15|Ag|34*|Common Lore (Ecclisarchy)|-|46
    Concealment|-|14.5|Int|46|Performer (Singer)|-|47
    Contortionist|-|14.5|Per|35|Trade (Valet)|-|46
    Silent Move|-|14.5|-|-|-|-|-

    Vital Information:
    Initiative |4
    Wounds | 11/11
    Armour - Head | 4
    Armour - Torso | 5
    Armour - Left Arm | 5
    Armour - Right Arm | 5
    Armour - Left Leg | 5
    Armour - Right Leg | 5
    Walk (Half)/Walk (Full)/Charge/Run | 3/6/12/18
    Fatigue | 0/2
    Fate Points | 1/1
    Insanity | 5

    Traits and Talents:
    Melee Weapon Training (Primitive) | Use of Associated Melee Weapons without Penalty
    Pistol Training (SP) | Use of associated Pistols without Penalty
    Basic Training (Primitive) | Use of the associated Basic Weapons without Penalty
    Simple Advance (Fel, WP, Ag) | +5 to the associated Characteristic
    Packing Iron | -10 Survival, -5 Int checks when outside "Proper Hab"
    Way of the Gun | Tech Use is a Basic skill
    Wary | +1 Initiative
    Hive-Bound| -10 Survival, -5 Int checks when outside "Proper Hab"
    Caves of Steel| Treat Tech Use as a Basic Skill
    Sound Constitution | +1 Wound per instance
    Peer (Ecclisarchy) | +10 to social rolls v Ecclisarchy
    Resistance (Heat, Cold)| +10 to rolls against associated resistances[/table]

    Ranged Weapons Profile:
    {table=Header]Weapon|Name|Class and Type|Rate of Fire|Damage|AP|Range|Clip Size|Reload|Qualities|Attachments
    Autopistol| "Gabe's Sidearm" | Pistol - SP | S/-/6 | 1d10+2 I | 0 | 30m | 18 | Full | - | Silencer
    Exterminator|-| Basic - Flame | S/-/- | 1d10+4 E | 3 | 20m | 1 | - | Flame, Untrained [/table]

    Melee Weapons Profile:
    {table=Header]Name | Type | Damage | Special
    Best Monosword (Scimitar) | Primitive | 1d10 + 3 R | PEN 2, Best Quality, Exterminator Charge (x2)
    Shield | Primitive | 1d5 + 2 I|Primtive, Defensive[/table]

    4 1/3 Magazines, Normal Bullets (78 Rounds)
    1 Magazine, Manstoppers (18 Rounds)


    Miscellaneous Equipment:
    Pack Lho-Sticks

    Currency: 488 Thrones

    There is no Shortage of Piety in the Imperium, and no shortage of Pious men. Even in the smoke-choked, gun-filled depths of Gunmetal City, there are Priests. Men and women who work tirelessly to spread the word of the Immortal God-Emperor. And priests, contrary to what some would tell you, do have hearts of their own. And Gabriel Cortez is living proof of all of these facts.
    Born into the Ecclisiarchy, Gabriel spent his formative years walking in the Emperor's Light, and, unfortunately, this light came from one place in Gunmetal - the barrel of a gun.
    He grew up around the ever-feuding gangs, preaching the word of Him on Earth to even those who didn't listen. He was humble, he was intelligent, he was calm, and he was funny, making friends with some of the most Hardened killers and helping to bring them to the Emperor's light. He made Arbites out of Scum, Guardians out of Assassins, and Believers out of Malcontents.

    It was only appropriate that, with his talents, Gabriel was sent to Hive Tarsus across the surface of Scintilla when his training was to begin proper. After a few initial hiccups - owing primarily to the boys odd mannerisms picked up from the other Hive, where up was good and down was bad, the boy took to his new calling like a duck to water, often climbing to both the dangerously-hot and dangerously-cold reaches of Tarsus on "field work" to spread the word - and never once issuing a complaint about the whole mess. He was weak and frail, but strength of arms was a factor sorely lacking in the Tarsan system of education, and the boy's naturally keen mind and easy way with words were only sharpened in the great Cathedrals and Houses.

    One day, word of one of the Ecclisarchy's own being murdered on the far world of Spheris Secundus reached Gabriel's ears - and, unfortunately, this news was accompanied by even worse news.
    It seemed that Gabriel's Master - a tall, strong swordsmen from Tallarn had decided that Gabriel had been coddled enough - living in Hives - environmentally uncomfortable as they might be - had done the young Cleric no good. Scholarly pursuits, the Tallarn had decided did a true Priest of the Eccilisarchy no good.
    Gabriel was going to investigate. And he hadn't a choice in the matter.

    The Tallarn was not without pity, though, and delayed the young priest's deployment just long enough to have a spectacularly-crafted mono-moloecular edged scimitar crafted specifically to Gabriel's measurements shipped from the Hive world of Landunder, and gave the untested and little-trained priest a crash-course in sword-fighting, consuling that Spheris Secundus had little in the way of firearms and that his Metallican pistol should be kept concealed - but the sword was universal.

    Thus delayed, armed, and so warned, the Ecclisarchy finally saw fit to send their fledging Cleric to investigate the matter of the dead woman.

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