Journal of Zargodia 2nd overseer of Inkedbrush

so i killed the naked mole dog but a jabberer came and killed a horse

it killed our marksdwarves but was slain by Tosid Ralukkib walls need
to be finished fast

there all mole dogs are dead but our militia captain was injured so now
his right arm doesn't work and I'm going to start on a graveyard for our
two fallen dwarves

oh geez a troll is inside gotta kill it

Tosid is really tearing up these cave monsters only casualty was some
useless dwarf assigned to masonry

The cave is now completely sealed off!! now to start working on that
training yard

Migrants lets see what we got


...They suck, the only thing I see that is useful is an amazing marksdwarf

The militia captain is throwing a tantrum!

he calmed down luckily no one was harmed

Phew finished assigning jobs to all the migrants:


well things got kinda boring after sealing the caves but I have
a feeling that wont last long

this is Zargodia 2nd overseer of inkedbrush signing out!

so ya lost two marks dwarves gained one master and two competent ones in return