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    Quote Originally Posted by NEO|Phyte View Post
    That only applies if Charlie gets a turn in to be able to retrieve him. Without a formal alliance, Charlie has to wait for his turn to be able to swoop in and snatch Parson, and a lot can happen in a turn, as we've seen already.
    With a formal alliance, Charlescomm and Jetstone share the same turn. Without one, they each move in their natural turn order.

    Now, there are only two possibilities:

    1) Charlescomm moves before Jetstone in that order, which means his has already expired but he still gets to move before them tomorrow. OR

    2) Charlescomm moves after Jetstone, which means he still gets one today as soon as the King declares "turn over," which he hasn't done yet, because he wants Trem and whatever flying escorts he can gather (including I'm sure his casters) to use their move to get safely to the new capital by the start of the next.

    Of course, until they do get there, they're pretty much sitting ducks for any other non-allied air units. And Charlie has a lot of them. Heck, he might even be willing to contract some out to another side in the area that would like to see Jetstone fall. Like, say, Haggar. That would leave his hands, and reputation, completely clean.

    Also, in before those who say "but Charlie told Slately 'We kill the Fatman' so he wants him dead":

    A) Charlie never said who "the Fatman" is. Slately's not all that slim either.

    B) Jojo offered Parson a scroll that will send him "back where once he belonged" but the scroll stinks of Charli, and we know where Charlie thinks he belongs - working for Charlie! He made a deal for that with Ansom, and in Charlie's world, even if someone else loses, Charlie still gets paid, so Parson "belonged" to him.
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