[Xar'Cha Palace]

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Endrik looked, quizzically, at Szzy. He had not expected that. He settled, then, for a slight bow, as much as he could manage without overbalancing himself or locking his armour. Then he straightened.

"Quite the entrance indeed. I wonder..." He cut the thought off before it could fully form. The walls, after all, have ears.

"Whatever the original purpose was, it is gone now, is it not? Learning is a fine purpose, and without the correct knowledge, no power can be wielded responsibly. After all..." he turns his head, the expressionless visor fixing Shrike in the center of its field of vision. "Great and terrible are not mutually exclusive."
"...that is," Shrike admits with a small nod, "very true."

...and then she falls quiet, frowning silently.