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    Kadaith could feel his senses heighten further. Time seemed to slow as adrenalin filled his body. He could feel his heart pounding, his muscles straining, and for a brief moment, there was a sense of vertigo as the illusory sense of weightlessness took him. Before him, the Devil roared in response, belching fire, evil and power incarnate. A thought flittered through Kadaith's head: This might be a good way to die. He felt almost at peace.

    But no, not today. Someday, but not today.

    With bone-jarring violence, Kadaith crashed into of the devil, landing right between it's overly large eyes. Looking into them, he could sense the otherworld cunning and evil hidden in the body of a brute. What a wonderful challenge. The impact sent both of them staggering. Reaching out, Kadaith latched onto one of the devils horns to steady himself, somehow managing to recover faster than his foe. Size matters, and being the smaller one does have its advantages. With a savage cry, Kadaith brought his weapon down in vicious arcs onto the creature's skull, once, twice, thrice, working both himself and the Devil in a frenzy. The shrieks of the devil, the sickening sound of rending flesh and splintering bone and the almost maniacal shouting of the barbarian himself filled the room.

    Today, victory is his.


    Move + Minor: Land and steady footing. Push 1 maybe?

    Assuming Kadaith and the Devil grants CA to each other.

    Standard Action: Rage of the Death Spirit

    Attack vs AC - (1d20+24)[25]
    Untyped Damage - (2d12+13)[18]
    Fire Damage - (2d8)[15]

    Target is weakened (Save ends on Hit, until EoNT on Miss), Kadaith enters a Rage

    No Action: Action Point (With Action Surge)
    Standard Action (Action Point): Storm of Blades, 3 Attacks, stops on 1st miss.

    Attack vs AC - (1d20+27)[36]
    Untyped Damage - (1d12+15)[24]
    Fire Damage - (2d8)[8]

    Attack vs AC - (1d20+27)[47]
    Untyped Damage - (1d12+15)[23]
    Fire Damage - (2d8)[9]
    See following posts

    Attack vs AC - (1d20+27)[36]
    Untyped Damage - (1d12+15)[24]
    Fire Damage - (2d8)[9]

    1 instance of 6 Cold damage on each hit.
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