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Sugar yawned. This wurm was too much like a baby. So helpless and not smart.

"Wrymple, I dig like this." the puppy arfed. A pair of paws dug into the soft dirt. "I can't dig like you. I gots paws and you gots none. But you are big. Big big. So use your bigness and push the dirt."

Sugar then demonstrated with her nose, sliding dirt here and there. She didn't like getting her nose dirty but she adored fandom. And imitation is the greatest form of flattery to a dog. She liked being pack leader.

Despite being a purple worm, the beastling creature never really learned how to burrow. The majority of its life was within stone walls and stone floors.

"Push dirt? Oh Sugar, you so smart," Me give Sugar big show of teeth (smile) and throw self against ground. I make ground shake. It funny watching Sugar wobble little bits.