Town: Hundreds of zombies, a few groups of the flying heads, more of the carcass eating dog things. You spot a few ghouls, occasionally attacking a lone zombie before feasting on the corpse.
Church: Nothing noteworthy, still lots of zombies, a few go in and out of the open doors
Camp: About 10 humans and 10 halflings move around a group of tents carrying boxes of weapons, moving some into tents, others into a wagon. Before they are put onto a wagon, a better armored human checks through the box and makes a mark on parchment
Fog: Because you have to get back for the funeral, you only have time to notice that it spreads from far to the north of the town, towards the woods, and from two seperate places in the west, both past the tser pools.

and hey, finally got the die roller workin i see!