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    Round 7 continued
    As the Alessa wounds the Dragonshield, the odd purple light goes into its eyes again, and animated by the dark energy, it swings wildly at Alessa, managing to land an effective blow. (3 damage to Alessa after resist)

    The slime slithers towards its next victim, and the kobold minion shudders.

    The goblin freezes in his tracks at the irrefusable command in Mertes's yell. Life-Ender comes down, but the goblin with an effort of will manages to twist away just in time, turning the strike into a minor blow. Still, the kick sends Irontooth spinning and dizzy.

    Zimelda feeds Arjhan a potion and then quickly tries to pick up the dragonborn, but drops him. At least the potion returned him to consciousness. He stands and swings at the nearby dragonshield, but his aim is off.

    Round 8
    Screwing its face into a grimace, the minion charges at the slime, but slips in the water, barely catching itself before it falls.

    The dragonshields, angry that Arjhan is back in the fight, focus their ire on Zimelda. She readies herself for the farther one's charge, and manages to deflect the blow. But she can't prevent the closer one from sweeping her legs out from under her. It slashes her side as she falls hard, hitting her head on the stone floor of the cave (14 damage to Zimelda, KO). She's out cold, and her legs are all tangled up. The dizzy goblin claps his hands gleefully.

    The effect on Arjhan is...well...different. A holy rage starts to build in him as his ally is struck down.

    "Priest! Where giant? I hit him!" calls Irontooth. The kobold priest tries to push him towards Mertes, but he is just too dizzy to move. So the goblin crosses his axes in a defensive stance.


    Map: http://beta.ditzie.com/x/5071152e1a3d3
    Round 7
    • Wyrmpriest
      • Move: shift to (n,13)
      • Standard: stab with spear at Mertes at -2 for rattled and +2 for CA melee vs prone, fumble
      • Minor: Shifty, shift to (o,13).
    • Goblin: Move toward Mertes, Charge Mertes, 29 hit AC 17, 7 damage - 3 THP = 4 damage
    • Minion: Standard: Aid Another on Arjhan, 25 beat DC 11, success. Shifty + move to (i,3).
    • DS2: Move: stand, Standard: charge Arjhan with CA, 27 hit AC 21 for 11 damage + marked
    • DS1: move: stand, standard: MBA Alessa with CA, 18 hit AC 16 for 12 damage + marked, shift to J6
    • Mertes: tyrant's rage on Irontooth, miss, half damage + dazed UENT
    • Alessa: hit Dragonshield, 9 damage, bloodied
      • DS1: Immediate Reaction: MBA at attacker, 20 hit AC, 7 - 4 resist = 3 damage
    • Zimelda: Administer potion to Arjhan; attempt to quickstand him, fail
    • Arjhan: Stand, Valiant strike misses

    Round 8
    • Minion: Charge slime, fumble
    • DS2: charge Zimelda, 17 miss AC 18.
    • DS1: uses Dirty Tactics on Zimelda, 14 hit reflex 13, Zimelda takes 14 damage and is immobilized UENT-DS1, as well as Prone, Unconscious, and Dying.
      • Special: Arjhan's daily power, Paladin's Judgement, recharges on seeing an ally fall.
    • Wyrmpriest: Bull Rush on Irontooth, fails
    • Irontooth: Use Total Defense; taunt

    • Alessa: 17/35 HP, Bloodied, Elemental Form (resist all 4 vs. melee & ranged)
    • Alessa's Slime: 5/17 HP, Bloodied, Instinctive Action: Attack closest enemy, currently the minion (unless another enemy comes into range or Alessa commands it)
    • Arjhan: 10/38 HP, Bloodied (+1 to attack rolls)
    • Mertes: 19/39 HP, Bloodied, Rage of the Tyrant (can use minor action to push all adjacent enemies 1 square), sustain endurance expiring
    • Zimelda: -1/29 HP, Bloodied, Prone, Unconscious, Dying, Immobilized UENT-DS1
    • Minion: 0 damage, 0 THP, used Narrow Escape.
    • Wyrmpriest: 17 damage
    • Dragonshield 1: 18 damage, Bloodied
    • Dragonshield 2: 9 damage
    • Irontooth: 6 Damage, Dazed UENT-Mertes, Total Defense (+2 to all defenses) USNT

    Up Next: Team PC
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