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My players, woe betide them, are wandering into the territory of the Unseelie Fey. I want to make sure that they are properly paranoid. What are some ways the Fey can try to entrap or deceive them? What are some good stories to read for inspiration/material?
First: these are the fey, they're all about rules and crazy head games. Offer the players food- they're in the fey's realm, and cannot leave if they partake of the food of faerie. Offer them gifts, be it riches or favors or trinkets- reciprocity is expected and demanded. You can't back out of such a transaction, and god help you if you renege. Don't lie. Never lie. Just don't ever give the full truth. What is truth in the grand scheme of things, really? If they do deal with them, demand things that only seem inconsequential- your sense of smell isn't that important, is it? You only need to kill one teeny creature to get what you want, is that so bad? It will come back to haunt them. Never offend them- they have long memories and cruel temperaments. They can and will wait, and they will be merciless and cruel. Never dance with them, late into the night- you never know when the dance will end. Some may come to you in the night, terrible in form and temper. Others will come, beautiful and haunting, irresistible in their charm. They will seem kind, but underneath the facade they are above all cruel and inhuman- you are but a tool at best, a passing amusement at worst. They will do unspeakable things, but you will not mind- not while they're watching. You could never want to disappoint them- that would be terrible.

Second: books. The Dresden Files represent fairies well. So do Tithe, Valiant, and Ironside by Holly Black.

Paranoia from fey isn't based on cheap horror tricks- sure they can do that, but that's not why you should fear them. They're social creatures, and any interaction you have can enmesh you deeper into their machinations. They are cruel, inhuman, and don't give a damn about you. They will commit unspeakable acts to you because they thought it was funny at the time. They will try to entrap you to further their own goals or to while away the hours. They are monstrous and terrible and beautiful, and they will take away everything you love and care for while acting as a friend all the while. To us, the fey are twisted and they revel in it. This is what makes them terrible- that anything you do with them may draw you deeper into their schemes and madness, and that one day you may realize that you can never escape.