So a buddy of mine is dm'ing for the first time and asked me to play. He knows I'm a veteran player, and that if allowed to play a Tier 1 caster or a charging melee strongman (as I am wont to do), I will break the campaign. To remedy the situation, he had me list the Core classes from preferred to least preferred, and then randomly selected a class from my bottom for with a d4 roll.

And so I am a Monk. Blech.

Not really familiar with monks in general (I am rapidly familiarizing.) I recalled that a Shaolin Monk (Raising resistance...) had been featured on the TV show Deadliest Warrior. Wielding the single deadliest weapon featured during the first season of the show: the Twin Hook Swords. So my question is: do they have stats? Do they exist? And if so, are they Monk weapons?