I mean, I'm sure what I'm about to describe is a trope, I'm just wondering if it has a(n) (un)official name. I'm kind of too lazy to search all of TV Tropes and I wouldn't even know where to start, and hopefully if this does have a name, someone recognizes it.

So, you know how whenever there's a tournament (usually martial arts or fighting) the two most important and usually most powerful characters (usually the protagonist and antagonist) will never face off against each other until the finals. Like no matter what, regardless of all the possible pairings, these two won't fight until the final match. While this is pretty unlike and unrealistic, it does serve to heighten the drama. I mean, if the hero and villain - the two most powerful character - face off in round 1, the rest of the tournament is going to be boring. Or maybe this is done because the hero isn't yet strong enough to face the big bad and needs more experience and training in the beginning matches.

I've seen this theme in a numbers of stories, mostly anime. Like in Yu Yu Hakusho, Team Urameshi doesn't fight Team Toguro until the finals, and even then, the leaders of each team don't fight until the last match of the team fight. And in Dragon Ball Z, after Cell is defeated and Goku is in other world, there's that tournament where he fights Pikon in the last round. Like, they set Pikon up pretty early as this powerful equal or even superior to Goku, and while they both fight in the tournament, they don't face each other until the finals (to obviously increase the drama and excitement).

So yeah, this sound like anything familiar, or is a yet unnamed trope? If so, I want to be the one to name. I want to call it the Super Dr. Epic Fighting Tournament Trope.